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When you choose to donate property in Shreveport, it is nearly impossible to reverse the decision and get it back. It is crucial that you consider the implications of your action and feel confident of the choice you are making before starting the process. The donation lawyers at Bethard & Bethard, LLP possess the insight necessary to help you make wise decisions about donating property to family members or organizations.

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Donation Laws in the State of Louisiana

In Louisiana, real estate can be given to another through donation. This can either be done through an Act of Donation or upon the donor’s death as laid out in his or her will. The act needs to be filed correctly in order that a public record exists detailing the transaction.

Acts of Donation are only valid if the donor and donee physically meet with a notary or lawyer to notarize the document. Louisiana is the only state to require the presence of two witnesses for this occasion. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will need to redo the entire process. In the case that one person is unable to appear, Power of Attorney can be granted to someone else to appear in his or her place.

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Due to the irrevocable nature of the decision as well as the complex details of making a donation, enlisting the assistance of an experienced Shreveport real estate lawyer is highly advisable.

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