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Partition by Licitation in Shreveport

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When two or more people co-own property together, they have the right to partition the land if they decide they no longer want to live or co-own together.

Partitions can either occur:

  • Voluntarily, when both parties agree to divide the land and are able to come to an agreement on the methods and terms of division
  • Through litigation, in the judicial court of Louisiana

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How Partitions Occur

Partition by licitation, also known as partition by sale, refers to the division of a property that is co-owned by two or more parties but cannot be physically split into pieces. It is also conducted in cases where dividing the property in question would leave the smaller portions with an unreasonably lesser value than when they were whole. In these cases, the property is sold and the earnings from the sale are distributed among the co-owners.

Partition by licitations typically occur when the property has a building or other residential property on it. Sometimes, the sale is forced meaning that not all the involved parties are willing to sell. Typically, joint tenants receive equal shares of the sale, while tenants in common receive the percentage they contributed to buying the property originally.

When a Shreveport Attorney Becomes Necessary

If both parties do not agree about dividing the property, then the partition procedure will be determined by a court of law. Louisiana has specific guidelines and form deadlines that must be adhered to throughout this process if you hope to secure the outcome for which you are petitioning. A Shreveport property attorney can help you file your paperwork correctly, argue against any evidence produced to suggest you do not have the right to partition, and help protect your rights.

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