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The Importance of Trusted Legal Counsel

Louisiana succession laws are different from other states and are generally rather strict in determining where property goes after someone dies. The attorneys at Bethard & Bethard, LLP have 95 years of experience ensuring that property and assets are distributed fairly and in a timely fashion. When emotions are running high surrounding the death of a loved one, you should not have to worry about navigating complex Louisiana estate and succession laws. We are committed to helping you understand your rights, meet your obligations, and manage your affairs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Succession Services Offered

When a loved one dies, you will likely have to open a succession to ensure their wishes are carried out. In cases without a will, Louisiana law is applied very mechanically, without taking circumstances into account or leaving room for adjustments. Additionally, issues may arise with creditors or other financial institutions, which is an added complication you do not need. If you are feeling overwhelmed or want to better understand your situation, contact a Bossier City estate plan attorney to determine if a succession is an appropriate route for you to take on behalf of the deceased.

Plan Ahead Today

The best way to avoid confusion and complexity in the wake of a death is to have the attorneys at Bethard & Bethard LLP help you arrange your estate plan today.

If you are interested in actively taking control of your future, we can help:

  • Write your will
  • Create a trust
  • Write up financial power of attorney
  • Create a living will

The importance of estate planning does not hinge on the scale of your assets. To simplify matters for you and your loved ones down the road, contact our Shreveport attorney for successions today.

With an experienced attorney overseeing your estate plan, you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out. Contact us today at (318) 303-4029.

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