Community and Family

Bethard & Bethard has invested in two important things through our 94 years as a firm: community and family. In fact, our firm has been in the family since 1922, when Henry William Bethard, Jr. established his law practice in Coushatta. In 1948, his son Henry came to work for him on the 2nd floor of the old bank building down by the river, and through the years we have stayed in the heart of Coushatta, where we take pride in serving our community.

Today, there are five Bethards in the family firm, representing three generations. The eldest Mr. Henry is now 91, and he says, “it means a lot to have them working here,” said Mr. Henry. “It keeps on the family tradition, and I hope it’ll be going for generations.”

We recently opened our second office, located on Fern Avenue in Shreveport. This expansion brings our 94 years of service and expertise to a new area, and we look forward to building a new community while keeping our roots and heart in Coushatta.

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